10 Best Sleep Disorder Care Solution providers

Sleep is a necessary biological process and has long been recognized as an essential determinant of human health and performance. Whilst not all of sleep’s functions are fully understood, it is known to restore energy, promote healing, interact with the immune system, and impact brain function and behavior.

Even transient changes in sleep patterns, such as acute sleep deprivation, can impair judgement and cognitive performance, whilst long-term aberrations have been linked to disease development. Global trends in sleep suggest a decrease in average sleep duration. Given these trends and the implications of sleep for health and well-being, better characterization of sleep characteristics represents a public health priority.

To overcome these challenges and provide comprehensive care, sleep disorder solution providers leverage expertise across neuroscience, clinical medicine, bioengineering, electrical engineering, epidemiology, computer science, mHealth and human-computer interaction to discuss the digitization of sleep from an interdisciplinary perspective and state-of-the-art sleep-monitoring technologies. These companies also explore the opportunities and challenges from data acquisition to the eventual application of insights in clinical and consumer settings.

Embracing the journey of such exemplary companies and organizations, Insights Care’s latest edition, ’10 highlights the novel solutions offered by these stalwarts of the healthcare industry in the following pages, along with two trendy articles crafted by our in-house editorial team.

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